Saturday, December 3, 2011

and the hunt begins...

there goes my holiday plans with joelis.... somehow when i told lisa about it, she asked me back, "bukan ke mama kata mmg we are not going anywhere for a holiday?" hmmm but knowing me, is there any incidences that i did not take my kids anywhere during the school holiday? ahah! i don't think so.. kan... busuk2 pun port dickson..heheheh :D well anyway, that story, next time okay... priority first... tadi dah kena bebel dengan kaiser... telinga dah tebal nih... i should have told him only after we are back from the holiday lah... kan ;) hehehe :D whatever it is, we must find a place fast! actually kan, better move out in dec when we are on holiday.. kan :p baru tau landlord tuh... hmmphh.. 

these are my choices... 
  • minimum 1600sqft (sorry but used to > 2200sqft now :P)
  • preferably a house (malas nak angkut brg lepas beli groceries, and don't like the noises)
  • preferably bukit antarabangsa area coz we just love this area... tenang jer and cooling ;)

and now i cannot think... coz so sleepy and tired...