it makes me smile :)

disclaimer: not writing to show off but this is my blog... so when i am happy i'll write it here, and when i am sad.. sometimes, i will write about it too :P so, if you feel you cannot take it, you are most welcome to leave :P ahahahah :D 

#mehappy: when i was so tired [when is it that i am not tired anyway], and fallen asleep in my bed, kaiser came home... to our bedroom, with a shopping bag..

me: ahah!! shopping again??
kaiser: yes.. you have a problem with that?
me: yes i have a problem with that... unless there is something for me! *with the sleepy smile*
kaiser: ahah!! *took out a plastic bag with pants in it* yes!! i bought something for you.. the pants that you want...
me: ahahahahah :D LOL :D yey!!! thank you thank you....

heheheheh :D 

#mehappy: when i was blog walking, read someone wrote something about me... ahahahha LOL :D nope, i don't mind at all... people say, if you have 'ilmu' you share it with someone :) walking dictionary pun walking dictionary lah... :) 
click here to go to the link :)
i have more to write... but leaving in 10 minutes... it's raining so heavily now... better leave fast before it starts to jammed up!


~ erk..!!! ahahahaha..!! adeii..takleh kata byk la..janji akak hepi..!! weeeeeeeeee..
Violet Grace said…
Yeay... jom happy dance together... 1 2 3... 4 3 2... Teheheheee...

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