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work your ass out!

by - July 04, 2011

i was feeling so weak at the office today. i was fighting from this terrible flu. didnt want kaiser to know that i was getting that.. or... well, anyway... by the time i got to the office, i was sneezing.. blew my nose at my workstation coz it keeps on disturbing my concentration. :P hahaha lol

:D i am so proud of myself that i finished my draft of loa. emailed them for comments and i am good to do something else. time was running out so fast at the office today. despite my flu.. i was doing good. :) alhamdulillah...

every now and then got smses and calls from my sister and mom updating on the progress of our lil cafe. alhamdulillah today we had a good crowd. luckily i didnt have to go there after work today coz, i was really feeling weaker towards the evening.. before lunch i was telling myself, "i must go to the gym tonight!!" coz i know, if i do that i will feel much better! smsed kaiser, booked his schedule. yeup... he may be my hubby and pt but i still need to book him coz his schedule is full :P even for his wife :( :P the only time he's got is at 10pm.. o'uhh... on normal weekdays, by 10pm i will be sleepy... hmmm how laahh??? nope, i am not gonna give in... keep on telling myself, "i must go to the gym!!" and i did!!! and you know what?? it was so good to see my gym buddies... few of them asking where i've been.. hehehe :D all those funny youngsters at the gym today. body builders but they are funny bunch of people... i had a great work out and i just love the effect on me :) it makes me misses my usual gym routine. i must make it happen again soon.. at least on wednesday another round :) the next time you feel like you are getting sick, go and do your work out, sweat it all out!! you WILL feel much better - coz i did ;)

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