Sunday, June 12, 2011

putukkkk turned 1!

putuk is the nickname for my niece.. the latest addition in the family. she turned 1 year old on 8th june 2011. but only sunday 12th june 2011 that we get to do the celebration. despite the sabotage by the 2 indonesian maids at home, the challenge of the out of order swimming pool at sri ayu - the party was then relocated to FRIM, kepong and the kids seemed to have fun anyway!! and that was the 1st time that i ever jejak kaki to FRIM. and i kinda like it. ;)

the day started as early as.. errmmmm 730am :) lucky i brought home my maid from my moms house. so she got up and fried the drummets for the party. then we went straight to the pool side.. only to know that the pool was out of order... N3 was so upset.. i can imagine how she felt.. so all of us tried to look for other venue adhoc.. all pool side that we can think of cant accept last minute gathering. so... lastly, my mom suggested FRIM.. and i thot FRIM was so far away.. but not so bad lah... coz i managed to drive back to BA to fetch kaiser and bring him to FRIM. :) about 20 minutes drive via MRR2. okay whattt... oh... i fell down at the club house by the pool.. hampeh betul... now both knees are injured.. cheh.. anyway, enjoy the pics below.. more pictures in N3's album on fb.