Sunday, May 22, 2011

fulfilled weekend

started early on a saturday.. to send my new car to the workshop for a 'medical check up' :P and see the life of the tyres. was thinking of changing the rims actually but since joey said it looked nice.. just could not change it pulak. hmm see la how.. then hmmm what did i do aahh?? oh yess... i went to the dentist, to change my braces' wire.. the one that came off last week.. *blush* and the handsome doctor was there too..! hahaha :D errmm back to my car, turned out my car is fine.. the mechanic was quite impressed with the condition. it was indeed a good buy :) 

then i came home with my mom's maid to help clean up joelis' wardrobe. and that night i cooked dinner. went out with joey to get some groceries. i cooked steamed fish fillet, chicken with soya sauce and steamed pak choy :) hmmm yummy.. 

i am sleepy right now and sticky ... gotta finish this posting quick.. :P i have been exploring my car for the past few days and enjoying it every minute ;) tried the manual gear... oh yeaah... fuel expenses increases by about rm50 a week.. whoopss... but ok lah.. 

and tonight i had pecal and no exercise... :P why am i just blabbering today..?? no system at all in this posting..

owhh we played bowling since kaiser was free from 1pm to 6pm... ended his class was cancelled till 8pm.. hmm.. should have watched nur kasih the movie.. i scored the highest!!  yey!!!