Tuesday, May 17, 2011

cun - the movie

there could be quite a number of people who will not agree with me. but here goes. i watched cun long time ago, i think when the movie just started... went to the cinema with my daughter lisa coz we were accompanying the boys to a movie. so there was only 'cun' available.

it was supposed to be a romantic comedy but when i watched, between Luna (Maya Karin) and Atan (Remy Ishak), there was no chemistry. There was no spark in their eyes.. at least it doesnt move me.. Ryan Hidayat (Jehan Miskin's) acting was boring and Candy (Ning Baizura) was like over acting. Watching both of them was like watching acting on a school stage. the ones that captured my attention was Tom (Faezah Elai) and Tok Chah (Kartina Aziz). when they talk and act, they looked more natural. and when Tom felt sad, it shows.. and it reaches me as an audience.

thats what i think of their acting.. the story? hemmm... let's see.. nothing special i would say.. was it funny? it was done in such a way like maybe typical malay movie.. stupidly funny. was it romantic? it was okay but not to the point that my heart would melt watching. hated the part when they show as tho pemuda kampong is so stupid to be treated like that.

would i recommend for you to watch? well, if you have nothing better to do.. and dont mind paying ticket for it, go ahead.. but if i had other choice, i would not watch.