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my usual date with my bf :)

by - March 14, 2011

2nd shot :P
at cheng ho restaurant - celebrating valentines :P
i love being in the car with my joelis. or sometimes with either one of them. this would be the most quality time that i can get to just chat with them. recently i had this chat with joey :) right after he received his belated birthday present from his daddy. :)

joey: ma, i did not get a ps3.
me: oh.. ya? how come?
joey: daddy said, errmm he asked me to play puas2 with ps2, then only he will get for me the ps3.
me: owhh.. hmm *smile*
joey: tapi, joey mcm tak puas hati la ma..
me: huh? why?
joey: coz i think i know why daddy tak beli ps3.
me: owh?? why?
joey: coz ps3 is more expensive.
me: owhh... *smile* how much is ps3?
joey: ermmm 1 thousand plus..
me: and ps2?
joey: 6 hundred something..
me: hmmm yeahh.. it is still expensive sayang.. and maybe daddy tak cukup duit nak belikan ps3.
joey: that's the thing. yang joey tak satisfied. 
me: laa?
joey: kenapa daddy tak cakap terus terang je, daddy tak cukup duit?
me: sayang, there are 2 types of parents.. mcm mama, i will tell you if mama tak cukup duit, but maybe pada daddy, he doesnt want you to know about his financial. *smile*
joey: *sigh* hmmm yeah... i forgot. i have stayed with you and used to your style. 
me: *smile* joey sedih ke?
joey: tak.. cuma tak puas hati.. but its okay, i understand now.
me: tak pe lah joey... ps2 tu mahal tau... kesian daddy.. anyway, joey pun tau, kalau mama, memang mama tak beli kan :P
joey: ya ya... i know..
me: hehehee :D
joey: tapi kan ma, daddy kata, kalau nanti daddy belikan ps3, daddy nak balik ps2 nya..
me: aitt?? kenapa?
joey: daddy nak main ... 
me: hahahah :D LOL... its so like daddy.. thats one thing.. you are like your daddy when it comes to games and computers :)
joey: *smile*
joey, kaiser and i playing ps2

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