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he is special

by - March 21, 2011

i went out with a group of guys last weekend to watch my favorite band ,dadza performing in concorde hotel, shah alam. they go to the same gym as my hubby and i. well anyway, right now i am not talking about the band or the outing so much, but more on what we talked about in the car that night.

as usual, i am a bit slow in digesting any questions or comments, and that is why most of the time, i dont get myself involved in any arguments. i'd rather just keep quiet :) well anyway, that night, one of the guys followed our car home and we had this chat... about my german husband :) hehehe :D one of the question was, what is the different to be with a german? my answer at that time, "i don't know, i guess can't really say being with a german is different but with him it's different" and my husband's respond was, "you don't change people, you accept the person as how they are. and that is only fair" and i just nodded and agreed with him.

somehow, i thought about it again last night and this morning on the way to work. kaiser is special to me, as he accepts me as who i am at that moment when he knew me. he doesn't judge me for being a 'divorcee' unlike some people or community.. he accepts me as a mother of 2 beautiful growing kids. and he is aware that my kids are my priority, and he has always put himself after my kids.

i guess that was the answer to my friend's question in the car :)
 May Allah bless our family always.

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