Saturday, February 5, 2011

a cool ride to janda baik

kaiser went up to janda baik with his friend, dick 2 weeks ago. and he said that the place was nice.. and decided to bring all of us there. so, with the whole week off, one of the days, 4th feb 2011, we plan to go to janda baik - dick's father's place. we left BA about 2.30pm... 3 bikes... dick, kaiser and cisco. joelis and i were in the car... and lisa was the official photographer for the whole trip. and she has done a greeaatttt job! :)) despite the hard wind from our citra's sunroof.. she managed to snap lots of good pictures :) i am so proud of her. :*

joey was a bit cranky in the early part of the journey, so, he decided to sleep on the way there.. only when we reached our first pit stop, he woke up ~ still a bit cranky.. :P ordered chocolate pancake, shared nasi goreng ah seng with me.. and he's much better. he took a ride on kaiser's bike once we reached janda baik. it was more like a kampong road.. so helmets off!! :) they ride slowly along the corners.. it was really hot!

we arrived at tuan syed's place.. it was really unique.. you guys gotta check it out. the house was built with lots of mixed woods, pebbles etc.. it was colorful too, the area. a small stream beside the guest-house makes it cooling. we were amazed with the way the house area was decorated and arranged. perhaps, we will come again to spend a nite there.

later on, we ride up to another end of the hill.. saufiville... quite a unique resort.. 6 bedrooms bungalow - with a swimming pool!! we had tea there and headed home soon after.

it was a good trip :) really enjoyed ourselves.
the official photographer! :)
my froggie :P
by the pool at saufiville
i believe i can fly
group picture with dick and cisco..