Saturday, November 6, 2010

my saturday

last night had an invitation from my mom to join them for breakfast. but i said i am planning to stay in bed a lil bit longer since joelis are not with me.. hehehe :D but... did i wake up late? err.. of course not! was awake by 6am i think... then try to golek2 in bed.. ehh.. why am i telling you all this?? cut it short... by 8am i was already downstairs, showered!

and have these in my head... what am i gonna do today? ohh i need to go and get my flowers in the nursery.. and to the bank.. and to buy paint...

went to the kitchen, cleaned up a lil bit the mess that my darling husband did...gggrrr... i did 2 rounds of laundry yesterday... ironing can be done by my maid later :) wonderful...!

boiled water.. had quaker oat... forcing it into my throat... :'(... [i want my roti canai!!!] no!!... i want a nice thigh... and that stopped me.. :P and now... blogging at my dining table, with a cup of tea.... with creamer.. :) hmmmm... do i miss being prepared for breakfast by the maid? errr... let me think... yeahh coz i am lazy to prepare the food coz by the time it is prepared, the mood to eat is no longer there... and i don't have to think what to eat :) aahhh i am blabbering... better go now :)