Wednesday, November 24, 2010

blocked mind

i think i really need a holiday! joelis have been so noisy and whiny at home asking when we are going for a holiday. and me? i have no idea.. first i thought we were going on a yacht with kaiser's friend. somehow, the plan aborted, so, we ended with i dont know where :) hmmmm... as kaiser's 'off day' is too expensive, i gotta plan properly. otherwise it is gonna be just me and joelis.. or.. and my mom and dad.

been browsing... singapore and bali... singapore is gonna be the USS... but just that rasa sayang pulak nak spend so much in singapore. better go elsewhere, like bali :) but it is no fun without kaiser :((

so, what now??? help!!! :(( sorry joelis... i just have no idea now.. :((