Thursday, August 12, 2010

failed miserably!

hahahah... gelak dululah... boleh? :P hajat di hati bak tinggi menggunung. tapi kudrat sekecil semut jer.. so, anyway, before merapu lebih panjang lebar, dengan segan silu nya, i am announcing that i failed to go for my workout session yesterday... what i did was, 430pm sharp i left the office, drove home... looking at the empty quiet house... and inviting soft sofa at my living room... there i was... dived smack in the middle of the couch! hehehe :D

just about half hour before buka puasa, drove to the shop to get ice that my dad ordered.. got at my parents' house.. :) we.. had lasagna for buka puasa... yummyyy... hmmm why didn't i have rice huh?? hmmm.. okay la.. i had lasagna, and some fish.. and a bit of salad... macam tak ngam je package dia kan? but.. err what the heck la... dah lapar... terawikh was after that...

achievement: and for 2nd day sahur, prepared maggie goreng + mushroom soup + bread :)