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amazing but thats the truth

by - July 19, 2010

i dont remember the last time i write something sad or negative in my blog. well i do whine too at times. although i try so damn hard not to write it here, but hey... this is my blog and i do need to de-stress.. is there such word? :O it is so easy for people to apologize for their stupid actions. ni yang start nak ngata orang melayu... sibuk dok kejar kekayaan dunia sampai lupa tanggungjawab sebagai parents. bongek!! dok melabur juta2 kunun... sampai anak2 sendiri being put aside? apa cerita? i have tried to be patient for quite sometime, but if you can brag out there, pretend to be successful but the truth is your kids who lacks of everything, apa hal??? bikin panas lahh... nak mengajar dunia or kekayaan go ahead la, but responsibility tu kena la jalankan dulu... ingat.... anak2 adalah amanat Allah swt...  

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