Monday, June 28, 2010

the baby who lived

very touching email i received this morning. and i am glad that i shared some of my words to my 2 younger sisters. whether of not they practice it, it is up to them.i have done my part as an elder sister and another human being with feelings. 
  • be a person who forgives, as it will cleanse up your soul and by forgiving others, you'll be a better person and more calm. 
  • if you want to help others, be sincere without even saying that you are sincere. sincerity comes from deep in your heart and it is between you and Allah swt. if you know you cannot do it, just say 'no' and no one will get upset. it is better than doing it but complain about things. 
parents wont be with us forever - treat them with love and care. you will miss them when they are gone, and insyaAllah you will be a parent in future.