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life is wonderful - alhamdulillah

by - May 10, 2010

everything went well during the weekend :) before that... 'happy mommies day' mama.... :) i received a nice huge flower from my joey made of zoob. i will upload soon :) and got a kiss this morning from joelis :) had a great time in redang, though my left ear still hurts right now. i think i need to go and check tomorrow morning. last night slept at my parents' house - kaiser was not around, in penang on business trip. when i got back in kl it was already almost 1030pm... joey was the only one still up. so, took a shower and polokk la joey :) lisa was asleep beside him.

the diving trip this time, i did a lot of shopping. macam lepas geram jer.. bought some, ikan kering, keropok biasa and lekor for the family (covers parents and sisters) and sata... bought some tshirts for joelis and kaiser. best2 tshirt... and murah gak. :) so sambar je lar...

today was lepas geram session (while kaiser is away... sshhhhh) bukan apa... bantai tido!!! hahhaha :D woke up early coz joey had a football match. since i slept at my parents', we need to go back to BA to get his shoes etc... and ohh... i promise SA... coleman! so, there goes a few hours in the morning. as i was driving back, my maid smsed and asked if she can come earlier.. aahh better :) 10 minutes after i am home, my maid arrived...  tried to sleep... got about 45 minutes... then sent joelis for music class. while waiting, i went to parents' house to collect some of joelis' stuff.. bags... clothes... books... after 4 days there.

drove home, had lunch at 3pm. was supposed to do groceries shopping. but ended sleeping on the sofa for 2 hours!! lama gilerrrr.... mmg release betul... by the time i got up, too late to do groceries shopping coz we want to take my parents out for dinner..

by 800pm, as promised, we arrived at my parents' place and proceed to a muslim chinese restaurant. malangnya everyone was not really hungry because we had lunch at 3pm.. :( except joey... best tengok dia enjoying his nasi ayam mushroom. the rest of us, had sharksfin soup.

and now... me, waiting for my darling kaiser to arrive from penang... :) joelis already in bed... my turn next... btw if you are waiting for my redang trip pics.... tungguuuu....

ein signing off at 142am - 10th may 2010

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