Thursday, April 8, 2010

think mr brainee!!

sometimes we are forced to make a difficult decision. sometimes, in order to save one, we need to sacrifice a few.. or.. is it vice versa?

i have a smart team leader who is creative in his business. he is a good leader. insyaAllah, things will rock soon. have faith! work hard... put more effort. that is what i am gonna do too!

have you asked yourself if you have done enough? my answer is a big NO - NO... would i want me to be back if i am my employer, i would say a NO, but i will give myself another chance to prove myself.

if i wanna be a success i need to put my vision on paper! i need to see it everyday. set your goal... your plan to achieve your goal.

how much money do i wanna earn? state it clearly... God will give if you ask and work towards it. you do not realize the power of prayer. if you know, you would have prayed non-stop!

arrogance bring you to no-where. we are in this world temporary. everything than we own now is on loan. so, always remember Him who created us - for a reason. be someone who does justice to the world, self and community.