Thursday, April 1, 2010

proud of myself

hehehe :D why? cause i woke up earlier than usual. when kaiser woke up to send lisa to school, i got up too. woke joey up for subuh prayer. then i went downstairs to put some dirty laundry in the washing machine. collected some ironed clothes upstairs, put in joelis' room and ours. the duties are... the maid will do the folding and ironing, and all of us at home should sort our own clothes. :) somehow, i felt quite guilty when kaiser has been doing lots of the laundry job at home. so, this morning i decided to clear the clothes before he comes back from sending lisa :) while i am upstairs after sorting out the clothes, my turn to perform the subuh prayer... then, went downstairs again to get more clothes... hmmmm seemed to have lots of clothes huh?? :P you are darn right :) washing machine stopped, i started to hang the clothes when kaiser came home. he was surprised to see me hanging the clothes early in the morning.. he he he... "are you okay?" he asked... i just smiled at him and nodded. "are you sick or what? why are you up so early" heheheh :D i feel good about myself :)

but now i am sleepy... how laa... :P LOL.. 3.10pm and at the office.. :P