Tuesday, March 23, 2010

sometimes... feel so tired, that you feel like crying it out feel that it is too little to even think about, but it still bothers you understand how your friend's feel but you are selfish that you want your friend to be with you still are torn in between that you are stuck and don't know what else to do wish you can talk it out, but in actual fact you cannot is sad that you cannot express your actual loving feeling matter how down you are, you can still have time to listen to your friend's grief the sadness, you need to be strong for other people pulls you down when you think you can talk to someone but instead they bring you even deeper's all over you that you can feel your chest getting heavier you'd wish that life could be easy but in reality it will not be fun if it is too easy forget how lucky you are and how many people out there wanting to be where you are

ein needs to go home...