Sunday, March 14, 2010

the return of prince charming

yep.... my boy is back from his camping trip. first camping trip... and his comment was... "i am not sure if i wanna go again next year ma..." hmmmm and i am not sure if that is okay.. :) right now is already 1106pm... and its raining cats and dogs out there... wah... me and peribahasa? :P wekkk... hehehe :D anyway... joelis are asleep... gotta still wake up early for their taranum classes during the school hols.

last night was quite bad when there was blackout at my house area.... happened twice in 2 days... so not good at all. i wanted to wake up late on sunday... but was disturbed by mr morning guy... duuhh... :) anyway... i am so happy today coz my prince charming is coming home. so, in the morning, i went out with lisa... found a new place for breakfast.. nice roti canai.. and sambal sotong :) yuummm..  then we went back to the house coz lisa's friend was supposed to come and collect her worksheet. had 2 rounds of washing, hoping that they will dry on time for the maid to iron when she gets here... but .. of course tak sempat lah kan... 

by 1215noon.. drove off for music class... luckily we were not far off when i realised.. it's school holiday.. no music class lah!!... so... i called up my appointment in bangsar... reached there in less than half hour.. did the women stuff ;) and we, lisa and i walked to berjaya... and i ate like a p&*!!! seriously... lisa was shocked when she asked..."ma... how many days have you not eaten?" 

after lunch, we walked to mph coz lisa wanted to look for a story book.. nope, did not find it.. i looked at my watch.. almost 3pm..joey is almost there.... before approaching school, i decided to stop by the petrol station, before my car gets stranded again.. hehehe :D asked lisa to get some sundaes.. and fries... wow... am i in the eating mode!!!

and i was so excited to see the bus... we parked in the school compound.. and lisa and i rushed out to check on joey... and there he was...looking kewl & confident.. my cute lil joey... hehehe :D he looked quite clean for someone who just came back from camping. gave him his ice cream... and listen to his yik yaking.. :) and i am so happy that he is home safely... ya ya ya... me being paranoid.. :P 

cleaned up his camping stuff... sleeping bag splattered of toothpaste.. "sorry ma, my friend accidentally sat on the toothpaste on my sleeping bag" like... duhhhh... suddenly he got 2 'new' tshirts.. and 2 'new' pair of pants :P hehehe.. main kaut jerrr... aparaaa...

evening: had my gym session... at home... :P that's what happened when you live with a personal trainer at home :P and ouch... my thigh.... and later, i cooked dinner.. lisa requested for nasi goreng... so, senang je lah.. :) made 'nasi goreng burger' with my new frying pan from giant! hahaha :D 

and tonight... i hugged him as much as i can... :) while watching 'the tooth fairy' on dvd... :* do you want pics?? tomorrow lah... i am getting sleepy now... 

ein signing off at 1122pm :) have a happy monday tomorrow ya'll!!