Friday, March 26, 2010

it's happy time

are there any other words, other than 'happy'? i am starting to feel 'best'... i am just out of words to describe how i feel right now. but i am satisfied. yep... i am... i had a great time last night... enjoyed the dance with kaiser although he likes to do the silly moves... hehehe :D i think we danced more than before... and like 3 songs in a row.. and i sweat... liking it :) nope... no one stepped on my foot this time ;)

i guess it all started a few days ago. i realized i felt good after discussing with my designer friend.. and that just started off my engine :) ideas came flowing in... done my memo in a few minutes... done my quotation comparison in half a day stating their scope of work etc... wowwiee... me, so proud of myself! yay! uhhmmm yeahhh had that 1 laser day - helped released some anger, i supposed. but anyway... my work is just working... fine :) anyway... i think should get another pair of dancing shoes.. :P

planss???? hmm what do i have ahead huh?? busy weekend again... joelis are having their larian desa thingy... and i am being cut into half. doinnkk... i knew about joey's event first and agreed to send him to school, now he wants me to watch him run... hmmm okay... kaiser and i were supposed to attend an agm for/at our neighborhood on that day... and next, lisa came to me with a letter, and she's having an event too on that day. alamakkk!! how now brown cow?? and they both want me to be there... :(   maydayyyyy... !!