Wednesday, March 3, 2010

am getting pissed

arrghh.... i am trying now to stabilize myself. get everything done.. work at the office especially.. and arranging things for home to be in place... and the school has got to mess things up. kaiser is upset, making lots of noises in my ears! :P arrgghhh... i want the day off!!! shite!!!

joey was supposed to attend a motivational session in school - supposed to start 720am and end at 1020am. so i told kaiser that if he could, pick joey up and send to my parents place so that he doesn't have to stay in school for the next 2 hours! so, kaiser rushed to the school, on time, as usual... and could not find joey anywhere. and knowing kaiser who hates to wait - who doesn't?? he called me at the office... babbling... so i told kaiser, joey is an obedient boy... if he is not there, there must be a reason because joelis listen to instructions. so, i told kaiser to just look around, in the music room maybe etc etc...

10 minutes later, i smsed kaiser and asked if he found joey. he called me up... still upset and told me that joey was out of the class awhile ago and to tell kaiser that the session is still on. and joey doesn't know what time it finishes. hmmmm.... goshh if only these teacher/(s) can follow the schedule, everyone won't get upset and it will not disturb other people's plan or meeting etc etc... and now... here i am at the office worried cause i did not give enough money for joey for the whole day! aarrgghhhh