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by - January 09, 2010

this is what happen when i want to write a lot but have no idea how to start :)

nice things: went for my gym session in the morning. prepared breakfast for joelis. went to the office, out shopping for joelis - school stuff. cook dinner - kaiser & joelis enjoyed dinner that i cooked. well actually i just bought salad, cooked chicken masak merah & lisa cooked rice. yeupp... you read this right, my 12 year old daugther can cook already.. ;) she can fry eggs, boil sausages, maggi mee.. hehee :D she's growing up :) earlier, i didn't know if kaiser would like it since he is on a strict diet - hence the salad that i bought. in the end, i ate the salad.. and he bantai the chicken and rice :D after seeing them finished eating dinner, i dont feel that tired preparing it :)

silly: sprayed ridsect at the cupboard where i keep all my glasses.. so, the glasses smell of ridsect.. heheh :D well there were too many ants!

enjoyed: my weekly dance & bonding session with kaiser.. and i hope we are getting better :)

looking forward:
  • for joey's soccer practise tomorrow.. got him a pair of new jersey.. so now its complete.. shoes, socks, jersey... means, i gotta wake up early on a sunday!! erkkkss... roti canai pelita 1!! wuuhuuu...and 
  • our new place... soon!!

me now: on the sofa.. with kaiser.. watching movie while blogging and facebooking :) kids are in their room trying to sleep :)

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