Saturday, December 20, 2008

lost of words

its really late. but i really need to blog. you will know why when you read on... :( i am on leave today.. or yesterday.. since now is early in the morning, this story is about yesterday..friday. as some of you know, we, joelis and i are in a process of moving to a new place. but most of our clothes are still at my parents' place. so friday is the day that i told my mom that i'd clear most of my clothes.

i cleared half of my cupboard.. 4 shelves of clothes which includes all my tshirts, collared and round neck, tops, sleeveless, my zara sweatshirts, polo tshirts, and at least 4 pieces of jeans. these are the ones that i remembered. some includes joey's nike pants that i bought from bandung. the one that he has been looking for and i just found it this morning (yesterday morning) and it was also put in the box for me to bring to the apartment.

the same day, my mom arranged for someone to come to the house to get some boxes... sealed boxes.. which have been arranged downstairs to be brought to the orphanage house. and to make the story clearer, my box of clothes is in the room upstairs - not sealed as i still wanted to add more clothes.

guess what?? somehow, someone took my box which is in the room and put it in the lorry... to be sent to the orphanage house. when i realized that my box was gone, the lorry was already there... !!! and i can say that the clothes for my everyday wear and office wear are 90% in that box.

my dad, me and my sister N3 rushed to the place to try to get my box back... as i was driving, my head is spinning. i can no longer feel how i feel. can i still hope that my clothes can be saved?? hmmm *sigh* we got to the place... found my box... but less than 10 pieces are found. i felt so helpless... and the most expensive thing that was gone was my corsett that cost rm2,000!! and the saddest part was, they actually threw them in the river!!!

now to think of it... i dont know how to express my feelings. i am upset, sad.. and i dont know whatever else... all mixed feelings. i should redha but.. i know i cant fully. :( i dont mind giving some of my clothes to those who needs, but not this way!!! certainly not until i dont have clothes to wear!! i am having migraine now... i am feeling beyond sad that i cant cry. *sigh* again... and again... its late now but i cant sleep... :( :(


Wafa Nokman said...

God promised He'd make things easier once you're completely redha...Things happen for a reason. Always look on the bright side of thigns...maybe it's time for a wardrobe change! Better ones... :-)

Big Sis said...

uncle wafa is right ma. mesti ada hikmah di sebalik everything :) And i want u to know that i will always love u and be by your side...

Ein said...

hehehe :D yeah time for a wardrobe change but dont think thats my priority now.. so if you guys see me wearing the same clothes in between days.. you know why ok... :P lisa.. i can share your clothes... hahaha :D