Monday, January 21, 2008

feeling down today

really feel down today... felt so bad as i snapped at my joelis before i dropped them off to school. i hate myself for doing so.. i have been extra sensitive for the past many weeks.. and i hate it when i started to snap at joelis... its like whatever they say started to just spark the whatever thats playing in my head. :( i cant wait till it's pass 1pm today so that i can call them at home and just talk to them... and i did call them just now... telling them how sorry i was for being upset... :/ it was so nice to hear their voice on the phone and makes me feel like going home immediately... how i wish i can

and right now, i am in a state where i am not in the mood to update my blog... too many things happening around.. and most of them are the sad things... so it really got into me.. i just need some time to recover from lots of things before i get back on track - updating my blog. :)