Saturday, July 21, 2007

july 20, 2007

first thing first.. i had a wonderful day on my birthday!!!, starting the eve, the day and the wonderful night at ZB. had BBQ at my mom's school, more of a farewell BBQ for the guests from Surabaya... i tried not to cry... yes i feel sad thinking that they are leaving the next morning. BBQ ends at around 1030pm. i received a lovely batek silk from them that night. sedih..:) got home just about 1100pm... told my parents that i am going out to get some things... and suddenly lisa called me downstairs for an urgent family meeting? yeaa right... my younger sister were already waiting downstairs, with my mom... and my dad playing the guitar... i have a cake... with frog candles!! love them!!! and lisa gave my birthday present! love it too!! :D and with pak agus, yu-bi, eg-gi, novian, and rahman singing 'happy birthday' together... it was sweet :) got the Final Concert for AF5 VCD as a birthday present from Lisa :) i missed the concert when i went for the diving trip.. :D

later went out with AS. received a lot smses from friends when i was in the car..:) thank you all for remembering my birthday! :) thanks bro K all the way from Dubai..

looking forward to catch up with you when you get back at the end of the month.. :) got a frog phone holder from it love it..!! cool dangling earrings from MB.. :) love them too!!! hmmmm not bad.. :P and sweet bracelet and necklace from my dear pet sis.. boleh pakai untuk raya :D nice color..

had birthday lunch at Puteri Restaurant with the girls.. get the chance to snap a picture with the owner, Pn Rubiah Suparman.. :) hehehe... ni sumer si angelina laa.. well anyway, she's a nice lady..

went home early.. to be with JoeLis before they go out with their dad. got ready myself for the night... :D ahah... got a table at ZB... i guess i was the happiest person that night..wuuhuu...!! told MB that my friends and i are gonna hang out at ZB, and he smsed to say that he will join us with his friends.. cool!! had the usual old gang...loved ones.. :D angelina, ally, james, SA, rhino.. angels and bossly together.. stayed at ZB till 230am.. danced all nite... well almost the whole nite :P everyone left at 230am except MB and his friends.. i.. err.. wanted to stay but.. errmm.. nahh i guess, i'd let MB catch up with his friends.. hehehe... well anyway... i am glad, alhamdulillah that i had a good time this year, with my family members and also my close friends whom i love..very much!! thank you all.. and i guess, after quite some time i have not been really talking to james... i had the chance to do so that night.. and yeah... it was like old times.. :) yeup.. if you ask me, i do miss having him around like before..

and hey, my mom did not call!! hehehe :D.. yeah she asked what time i'll be home... and i gave her that smile...kekekeke :D joey called to say goodnight and lisa smsed. :)