Tuesday, May 8, 2007

from horror movie --> diving --> futsal

yeup..those 3 in a week... our cousins, budi and andy called us early in the morning before i went to work on wednesday.. oh yes, before that.. we went to my cousin's house lin, she gave birth to twins girls! so cute and sweet. joelis love the babies so much. :) i was afraid to hold her at first... normally i dont hold babies when they are too small.. but this time... geram... and hey... boleh laa... yea, i know, i have 2 kids..but holding other people's baby especially when less than 2 weeks old... suspens jugak :)
okay sambung citer lain pulak... andy & budi called the next day... and suddenly my younger sister decided to watch 'jangan pandang belakang'...yea..yea.. i know citer tu dah nak habis... habis tu, dah takut, dah buat camner.. :) to cut story short, we watched the movie..believe it or not thursday nite.. 6 of us... and i was holding my pashmina the whole movie..!! it was really scary.. :D
and the next day, friday nite i had my theory class for diving.. held at the office with a few officemates. :) and saturday morning, by 9am, we, ally and i were already at the aquatic pool, shah alam. the tank is crazy heavy okay!! haha :D direct translation, 'berat giler', stayed in the pool for about 4 hours straight... and i looked like toast after that. :) MB smsed asking how was the session... and i told him, i am already like a toasted bread! we had lunch in shah alam... got back in ally's car soon after. :) at around 230pm, got a call from my younger sister, joelis has been taken by my elder sister to her house in subang.. hmmm okay... and i thot i could go home and get my noon think so... my mom made an adhock plan having a BBQ for her siblings. hemmm lets see... more than 4 families came :) it was fun... MB and i were smsing for 2 hours.. yeaa.. must be wondering why... he is in holland rite now.. so all we do is sms. well okay, thats all about MB. eerrmmm... i went downstairs helped out preparing for the BBQ. made chinese fried rice, requested by my mom. :) and the BBQ went well! :)
futsal!! got up really early on a sunday morning... sent andy for futsal... and i was there to support a group of friends.. ended up being their photographer. had a really good time! enjoyed the game!! apa hal ye dak... but i loved it :) my mom was a bit bising la... but since andy is playing.. okay la sket..heheh :D conclusionnya, best laa.. i felt at home with the guys :)

hemmmm okay...that's it bulletin for this week... banyak kerja nak buat nieh... :)