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run baby run!

by - September 05, 2017

heheheh can't believe that i actually did it. with the rest of my team members of course. i ran for 5km in a charity run. yey! well, i didn't actually run the whole 5km hihihi... we walked, we jogged and we ran a bit la.. this year is the 3rd year that ACKU committee invited AKO Fitness to participate in the charity run where we normally do their warm up session with ZUMBA :)

but this year, peter who always liaise with us asked if we wanna run. and when i told my team, we planned to run half way, just at the starting point - but end up we finished 5km! so proud my ourselves. hehehe :D it was fun!

check out more photos on my FB page: akofitness720.

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