Friday, March 18, 2016


yeah.. today i am going to write about soto. because it's one of the dish that i will eat if i don't know what to eat. my kind of soto that i would like is if...

  • the soup is not oily - as in until you can see all the oily spots! yes, it is doable!
  • the nasi impit is soft
  • the pergedil is soft and you can see / eat the meat
  • sambal kicap

so, today N4 called me and ask if i wanna have lunch together. she suggested iga express. no, i am not gonna do a review about the place because i am not in the mood to do so. it is next to chilli espresso at nu sentral by the way. so, yeah.. the food selection there are like those ayam penyet, soto etc etc.. so, i ordered soto. and right now i just don't feel like searching for an image for the soto. you can google it yourself :D hahaha

so, the conclusion is, i wasn't happy with the soto as iga express at nu sentral. it all the opposite of the kind of soto that i like. and i seriously hate it if the soup looks so oily and yellow. i feel like when they cook it, they cooked it with left over oil! may be not but that is just how i see it because it was yellowish.

and you want to know a place where you pay inexpensive soto but it was yummy? go to kg baru, jalan raja mahmood i think, the small eating place is just right at the corner and it is blue in color. less than rm10 a bowl and the soup has taste and not oily.