Thursday, March 17, 2016

my ups and downs

i had lunch with my karaoke buddy today. and told him or more of update him of what has been going on with my life. i have known him since ermm 2006 i think, and we have been friends for many years and he is also my karaoke partner/buddy and i don't think i can enjoy karaoke session with anyone else but him. anyway, he was pretty ermm shocked with what has been going on with my life, which of course not being exposed anywhere made known sort of... simply because i wish not to portray my sadness to the public? hmmm... ** think hard ** so, yeah, i told him that i have another blog to express my grievance and i shared the link with him. not many people know about that blog. people might find it accidentally and i think i prefer strangers to read it. so that they do not know me personally? ok - enough of me and my sadness. 

i have been down for almost 2 weeks. didn't eat much, can't teach my zumba class. so now.. well actually since last week, i told myself that i cannot continue being like that - so i force myself to teach again. and, straight away i gathered and combined a choreo for a new song. hehehe :D it sure did boost up my energy and mood. but i think i will need to change the starting steps coz it looks quite complicated for my members. so yeahh... and last night i sort of forgot the steps.. hahahah :D oh well... i am only human :P lol... but i had a great time with my members.