Friday, February 12, 2016

my photoshoot at karangkraf

i received a call on the way back from work few days before chinese new year holidays. someone from karangkraf asked if i am free on the 11th feb 2016 for photoshoot for majalah keluarga. hehe :D wah.. although i have not been reading that magazine for a long long time, this could be fun. they were going to do some write up about beauty & health with different generations from 20s up to 60s. so... there were lines up of ladies.. aged from 20s to 60s... hehehe :D and i told kaiser about it, kaiser told me it would be a good exposure for me.. somehow somewhat. 

unfortunately at first kaiser said he was not free to come with me. knowing his way and source of income, i did not ask him anymore. on the day before the photoshoot day, i got a whatsapp from kaiser who told me that he is free to come with me for the photoshoot. heh heh :D siapa tak happy babe.. suami temankan... lalallala :D

so anyway, the night before i had food poisoning.. a lil bit of dyerhea. and that night i slept late coz i needed to sort out 3 pairs of smart casual clothes and last minute she told me about zumba clothes.. i don't have the latest collection :'( anyway, end up we only wear 1 pair of clothes for the shoot. hmmphh.. 

kaiser was so patience yesterday.. i was afraid he would get cranky for waiting so long.. but somehow he was not :D he seemed cheerful the whole time, alhamdulillah. we finished the photoshoot session in half a day. he had kfc for his lunch while waiting for me and bought me nuggets for snacks.. something eaiser for me to munch with all those thick make up done ;D.. anyway, i had a good time with kaiser.. enjoy the pictures. 


he wasn't angry or fierce okay.. he was just acting.. hahhahah :D he is as sweet as a kitten :p