Saturday, May 2, 2015

Going thru a storm

i have not been updating my blog coz i am going thru some big challenges in my life. When i decided to write a blog last time i told myself that it is going to be only beautiful stuff although life is  not always beautiful. There will be up and down.. roller coaster whatever you want to define it.

I may not wanna share with some people i know coz its too personal for me. But i do appreciate your doa that things will be better for me insyaallah. If you are not the one that i share my sad story with, i am sorry.. but i just dont feel like talking about it.

Today i am going on a trip to be with myself doing things that i love to do.. and if i am lucky..insyaallah my wish will be granted. If not, then life goes on.

Hehehe 😀 for the first time in my life, i missed my flight! And alhamdulillah that lisa decided to accompany me 😄 love u girl.. pls take care of adik ok! Joey and Mischa 😊😊