Wednesday, January 28, 2015

a sunday routine

love to start early on a sunday morning. it makes my day fresh for the whole day as long as i don't lie down again in bed after whatever activity in the morning :D :p my day started with 8am zumba at the park, i brought my 2 assistants with me :) lisa and ati. ati helped with the selling of tshirts and lisa helped me with the tickets :D we had more than 30 participants that day. it was a great workout! 
say ZUMBA!!
after zumba we had a quick breakfast at kopitiam. i had my protein shake before and after zumba. so i helped lisa with her wantan noodles a lil bit. before the food arrives at our table, apa lagi... wefie selfie lah.. for joey, the maid has already prepared baked beans + eggs and to be eaten with bread.

aksi aku and lisa
 this weekend was my first time ordered some groceries stuff from tesco online. it was convenient just that i find that the chicken wasn't like errmm as fresh looking as the one i bought from aeon jusco. service was good, right to the house door. i would do again if i am too tired to do groceries shopping myself. the delivery service was only rm3.00, not bad at all. and owh the garlic was dry.. rest was okay.
haa ni lah lori tesco yang hantar groceries tu.