Monday, December 8, 2014

U4Ria Carnival

looks like my sort of a promise that my last event was in October did not come true. orang kata, "rezeki jangan di tolak". at that time, i had loads of fun.. oh well.. zumba is always fun for everyone anywhere anytime :D AKO Fitness had an offer we can't resist... it was a 2-days zumba session at the Lake Valley, Bandar Tun Hussein Onn. before this event, i do not know where the heck was the place, but once i entered the area, it was not bad at all. lots of nice beautiful houses. just that to go there is quite a distance for me lah.  in total we had more than 450 participants for the 2 days.

the first 300 who registered online received a free tshirts from the sponsor. we danced in the rain on the first day... all wet with sweat and rain... we didn't stop... till the last 90 minutes. the 2nd day it was really a hot sunny sunday! by the time it hit passed 30 minutes, we can see from the stage some of the participants were getting tired and thirsty - but the amazing thing was they will not stop until you make them stop! :D #zumbaaddicts... hhehehe :D

my utmost gratitude to infusion sdn bhd for giving ako fitness the opportunity, uda holding being the sponsor and my akofitness fun fit and fabulous team members!!! you girls rocks!!! me love you so much!!
and to the ZUMBA Instructors whom i get to dance with - you guys/gals are pretty awesome!!!