Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Looking back at 2014

today being the last day in 2014 let me just re-look at my past... and ermmm... now i don't feel like posting everything in detail :p it has been a very fast year for me. it has been hectic... busy... fun... sad all at once. 

hectic because i have many classes to cover.. and due to that, i decided to open up a company and start to engage free lance instructors. the fun part was i get to know many instructors now. the sad thing is when the instructor that you know started to stab you on the back... hmm it is not all fancy in this industry either.

then i sort of had to buy an apartment. and the relaxing by having part time job has become slightly like a task.. and ermmm not to say it burdens me but i need to keep on teaching to earn more and cannot la lavish2 like that anymore. all the income has a channel to go to - no more for pleasure solely.

alhamdulillah we manage to have 3 charity zumba events this year... and the response are getting better and better. 

i had issues with joey which i guessed it could be a phase but as of today while posting this, we both are getting better together. i hope and pray it stays that way. 

i am sad that thru out my journey building a family, my kids, at the same time are being sad as they are not completely happy with kaiser. i don't blame them for feeling that way because knowing a hard headed german, it is not easy. somehow i still believe that somewhere in his heart whatever that he is doing is for everyone's benefit and for kids to be a better person. although i, for one really hate his sarcasm!! but... i am looking more towards his positive attitudes rather than his negative attitudes - so that i will be happier. don't you think?
it was a good closure that kaiser and i went for a holiday together. it was really really good :D **grinning to my ears** i think enough for now.. will post again when the mood comes... so... happy new year everyone.. may 2015 bring you and me more success and happiness, insyaallah.


Violet Grace said...

Happy new year Kak Ain! May Allah grant us good health in many many many years to come. I'm sure it has been an amazing journey! And I'm glad that I can be part of it.