Wednesday, May 28, 2014

groceries pun nak curi?

translated as... steal my groceries???

i was at sam's groceries during lunch yesterday.. trying out the new supermarket near my office. and with those heavy plastic bags, Wds and i brought them to where i park my car, hid them behind me car coz i need to take my car key... with the hope or thought, "who would steal groceries, right?" i went up to my office, not even 10minutes... got down.. to keep them in my car.. and wallaa... it was gone!!! i was so furious!!

went around the parking area... asked everyone there... and 1 guy said he saw someone carrying white plastic bags... immediately i suspected the cleaner!!! memang i said if she/he took it... sakit perut seumur hidup!!! 

i wasnt satisfied... i looked around and ask... and suddenly one of the guys saw the supervisor. i asked the supervisor.. he defended his workers and said that impossible they would steal. i told him that i still want to see their resting room.. he brought me to the basement parking.. and i saw the room was locked. 

he opened the room key.. at first i thought, who would be doing it so fast.. and when he entered the room, i stood by the door... told him to search.. he said nothing ... no white plastic bags.. and he said there was only black plastic bag under the table. i felt something was not right. i insisted him to take the black plastic bag and see the content... and waalaaaaa they were MY GROCERIES!!! demmit...
so, i took everything back!!! and i told the supervisor, his staff is lucky that i don't make a police report... i can always request to check through the cctv!!