Friday, December 13, 2013

more about zumba party :)

what is a 90 minutes zumba party?
it's zumba fitness which will be lead by 4 licensed zumba fitness instructor and the duration of the whole event is 90 minutes.

is it always that long?
no, sometimes, a zumba party can be 2 hours etc... depending on the organizer. :) 

what is the difference between zumba party & normal zumba fitness class? 
in a class, some instructors will show the steps before you start with a new choreographed song, (well, i do that in my class) but at a zumba party, you will just follow the steps shown on stage.

do we have to continue till 90 minutes without rest?
no, you don't have to. do it at your own pace. we want you to have fun during the party. stop for a drink if you want or if you feel you needed to rest :) 

what should we wear?
wear sports attire..or zumba wear if you have them.. no... you don't need to go shopping for clothes for this event :p .please wear sports shoes :) remember to bring your face towel and water! 

i cannot dance, and i am shy to join the party.
you don't need to know how to dance. and it is okay if you do it differently :)  let's say, you are doing a solo dance ;) no one is born to be a dancer... so just come, join us, have fun and you will get to exercise with a bunch of fun & crazee people!

how do i get the tickets?
you buy online and arrange for tickets collection or call any of the numbers on the poster.