Wednesday, June 12, 2013

busy day today... yesterday... and days after

busy day is always good. our event is getting closer. so now it's our part to be busy. dalam pada kebusy-ian, time ni jugak lah phone buat hal. no, not the office phone, my personal BB. i just changed the battery. cuma i did not buy the original because the girl who sold it to me said, it is as good as the original. so, beli je lah kan... i think it is less than 1 year... and now, i can only switch on the phone when it is connected to a charger. ishh geram betul... and it has been 2 days like that, yesterday i wanted to buy a new battery at the station, dah rasa nak pitam pulak.. terus tak jadi nak jalan2 tengok battery BB. itu kisah battery... 

now kisah rantai pulak. hhehe actually the necklace belongs to my sister.. N4. it has been with me for quite some time... and she doesn't read my blog anyway, so tak per lah.. hahahah :D so anyway, this morning i am wearing palazo to the office and colour about orangey... so i thought it will look nice with the necklace. tak sampai half of the day, my neck started to have i had to take it off... and just before lunch time, ingat nak pakai balik... sekali... baru pakai.. tup tup.. alamak... putus??? adeh la... so, terpaksa la lopong dadaku tanpa accessories.. 
and owhh... i am liking my new free lance.. teaching zumba fitness :) and now i am teaching 2 classes in a week. not bad huh? ;)