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my sunday with hubby

by - April 03, 2013

31st march 2013: okay since i wasn't in the mood to blog earlier, i had to back date.. ewahh... :p off late, kids have been going out with their dad often. which to me it's okay.. they need their bonding time with their dad anyway. so, what do i do when kids are not around? hehehe b. o. r. i. n. g.... :P kekeke :D since kaiser finished his class earlier, as usual he will be whining wanting to go somewhere. 

oh before that, had to change my car tyres... 1 burst on saturday... luckily it burst at our home parking lot!... tak pasal2 rm2500 gone.. for all four tyres. :p
my imported mechanic from germany :P
next, we went to check out a gym for sale. feel sorry for the owner because he doesn't have the money to roll to maintain his equipments and machines... and the place is quite a sad place for us to take..  next, i was hungry... kaiser too... so, we went to ben's at pavillion... and i will write a review for that place soon... 

then i told kaiser, that nurul is at wwm.. so we both went there and sibuk2... did you know that i am not the person who would go to a celebrity to take pictures? but somehow with nurul, maybe because i have communicated with her earlier on her insta, it was much easier. she is friendly and senang didekati.. :)
tuti frutti was next... and we had vanilla for me and the sour one for kaiser.. i don't know what it is called lah... so.. that was about it...
kids came back.. joey as usual, would pow his daddy to get his ps3 stuff...hmmmm...

sebab dah habaq kat ada reader tu kan, kita nak update blog... ha ni diaa.... bukan malas... tak de mood kadang2 :P

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