Monday, March 18, 2013

lost organiser - help

do i need to elaborate more? :( i lost my office organiser since 1st week of feb 2013. i was relaxed then because i was hoping that i just misplaced it somewhere.. but now it is already end of march 2013 and i still cannot find it :( my meetings notes are in there... and my financial expenses are in there too.. and because of that, i have not paid 1 of my card payment :( and today, when kaiser wanted to use the credit card it was blocked. errkkk sorry la darling.. i never miss any payments like this. 

if any of you have seen my organiser... pls let me know... please please... it is black and has 'malakoff' embossed on it. 


Makbed Journal said...

terhilangkan buku itu mmg terus jadi tak organize kan?

Ein said...

ye lah... :( mmg sedih betul.. lepas tu kan, bukannya tak boleh pakai buku baru.. tapi rasa mcm tak puas hati sebab tak jumpa buku tu...