Wednesday, February 20, 2013

waddaappp...? :)

ohh my.... berhabuk...  bersawang already my blog izzit? heh heh.. gosh... i was so not in the mood to blog because the after-surgery thingy... well, ok, i call it surgery coz it would be easier to tell rather than, 'radio frequency rhizotomy procedure'? well anyway... am i ok? hmmm recovering process... have not dared to drive yet because my neck is still stiff.. and after this afternoon incident..when i turned to the left too fast... it went...sqqrghhhh... because i was on the scooter to go for lunch with kaiser. ouch it hurts.. okay...

hmm okay... thank you for your well wishes... i just posted your comments, but i thank you here ok :) appreciate your comments :) namely...orochi :) and dunia wilma :) :) for my office friends who sent flowers and fruits.. thank you :) and my friends who sent well wishes via sms or bbm or wassap.. thank you.. :) and for my friends who made an effort to come and visit me... charmene :) muaahh muahh... she was there as early as when i was just out of the operation theater and the capati & sardin was really superb as usual.., and AS... it was a nice surprise indeed :) :) and thank you so much for the special delivery of roti canai.

to my dearest lisa who did not leave me at all... and joey.. walaupun visit kejap kejap..gggrr... and kaiser darling who pimpin me to the toilet when i was half awake.. :p

it has been a long week for me... my neck hurts... feels like pricking needles.. and burning.. at some point of time i cannot touch my skin coz it hurts :( including last night, i have not been sleeping well... 3 days in a row.. result? ---> panda eyes!

ohh.. did i tell you that kaiser got admitted too? hmmm he got admitted earlier..from sunday... and we got discharged the same day.. hehehe :D how romantic kan.. yeaa rightt... he had viral infection.. and due to that he had been vomiting and purging... with that he lost 8 kg!! wahh... gila cepat!! anyway... he does look skinny especially on his face.

what else... ermm enjoy the pictures lah... my left shoulder still hurts if i sit too long especially when i need to type.. 
still can smile.. waiting for the nurse to bring me to the OT
while they push me... lisa snapped the pic :D heh heh..
right after i am back from the surgery...
 igghh macam mayat pun ada.. :o
lisa and her friends... siap jumpa neelofa lagi, boley?
my bff - charmene... tq dear.. love yaa..
OMG.... still on sedative.. errkk..
okay... you can see there are 6 holes... cuba carik.. nampak tak? heheh
hope dah hilang rindu kat i? hehheeh perasan mode :P lekk lekkk jangan marah... 


orochimaruNM orochimaruNM said...

~ eee..ngeri tgk..fobia nk masuk wad dan masuk bilik bedah..eeeee..anyways..semoga cepat sembuh kak..!! ehehe