Sunday, February 10, 2013

my big hero is down :(

kaiser told me that he has been purging and vomiting since 3am.. i was too sleepy.. and tired to respond to him.. even though i was awake when he told me that. i just looked at his weak face... nodded and went back to sleep... it was perhaps just before 5.00am. just before 7.00am... i was awake by a groaning pain sound coming from the bathroom. i thought i was having a bad dream! :o i got up and remembered that kaiser told me about his aching tummy...i looked for him and called out his name. and i heard that groaning sound again.. 

i quickly got out of bed and checked in the bathroom... :o there he was lying on the bathroom floor.. motionless.. i was shocked... he has not stopped purging and vomiting ever since... he could not get anything in his stomach.. he will throw up again! gave his some biscuits.. 100plus.. and water... it didn't work. 

as usual he refused to be taken to the doctor. he is so afraid of the doctor, clinic, hospital. by afternoon... he was still in bed.. looking weak. i checked up on him every now and then. and at one time, i found him lying on the floor again. his fingernails are all blue... cold... and he is getting a fever now. i told him, if he doesn't really gets better, i am so gonna take him to the hospital.

kaiser asked for maggi mee coz he always take that when he is very ill. it worked so far, before this.. but not this time. right after he starts eating... he ran to the toilet again... hmmm...just that as of now... he has stopped vomiting... just purging .. his fingers are warmer than just now.. and i am still checking on him... and be by his side.. watching tv at the sofa.. 


orochimaruNM orochimaruNM said...

~ laaaa siannyer..teruk sgt tuh dh mcm nor plaks xske g klinik or juoe dokter..heemm..ape pung moga big hero akak cepat sembuh!

Ein said...

Mmg teruk pun.. tonight is our 2nd night at pcmc. Fever dia pulak tak stabil. When I left him tadi he was 39.4°!