Thursday, October 11, 2012

daddy where are you?

something that i am tired of doing... reminding my ex-husband that he has 2 other kids who still needs his attention. his love. his moral support. anyway, been living with him for about 9 years before our separation in 2005, i knew him well enough. at least his character that he did not hide from me. errmmm.. okay let's not go back there, to the history. i believe as a dad, he loves his kids, but he just doesn't know how to express them. so, each time, i had to remind him. not only after my divorce. even before. and now by being far, i supposed it is getting tougher to remind him. 

today is already the 3rd day of PMR, and i have been asking Lisa if her dad called her to at least wish her all the best. Lisa just shook her head left and right... hmmm... after the end of the 1st day, i smsed him. i just couldn't stand it. oh come on.... is it too difficult for an sms? for an email? or even a tweet?

lisa: it's okay ma, mama tak payah lah sms daddy... i am okay.. really...

as a mom, won't you feel sad? D, just remember, it is over between both of us, but the ties between you, lisa and joey is still there, okay...!!
''please daddy... please know that your kids miss you.. spend more time with them".