Tuesday, August 7, 2012

tuesday rambles

nothing much happened today... except that it was a fast day... get some work done, interviewed a few candidates. errmm wait... why am i talking about work now? i should not! work is boring.. hahaahaa :D chill chill... i am just sleepy right now.. oh by the way, joey shared with me his trial result for his BM and he got an 'A' :) alhamdulillah... i did not respond as how he wanted me to, so he sounded disappointed. i told him, he could get a higher percentage for the 'A' but he needs to work harder... only a month left.. and who is getting nervous now? hmm?? 

actually i am getting sleepy... better get some sleep.. gotta wake up early to prepare sahur in the morning. lisa requested roti john ala sloppy joe :) heh heh... let's see if it materialized, okay :p yeahh ok.. i will post the picture tomorrow morning :P good night for now :) 

assalammualaikum... forgive those who have hurt you today, and pray for your parents and family :) 

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orochimaruNM orochimaruNM said...

Mcm sedap jeks roti john tuh..ahaks..

Ein said...

aahaha :D dah tgk gambars kerss?

orochimaruNM orochimaruNM said...

~ dah la..tadik..!!!