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religious lectures during ramadhan - alhamdulillah

by - August 02, 2012

this year, my company... (cheywah... what i meant, the company i am working for.. ermm to be more exact, the parent company that i am working worked for :P oh my english!! :p) bluaarghhh.. keep it simple will yahhh... ?? let's try again :p

this year, the training department organises kuliah agama during ramadhan which i am so very happy about it. i think i have mentioned before that this is what i needed. especially the topic was about solat & wudhu'. we have 2 classes in a week for the whole of ramadhan. i learned (not new things) but maybe i missed it during my very much younger days.. and now, i know more on perfecting my solat and understand better and in depth. perhaps, when my notes are ready (not sure when) i can share the info with you here. for today, i am just expressing how grateful i am, that i am working for this company. that provides quite a lot of benefits to the staff. at least for those staff who appreciates these. because i know some staff are not happy with the company - and my question for them, "why are you still here if you are not happy? why don't you just leave? and stop spreading bad stories about the company." i supposed most of the time, it is the people in the company that spoils it.

anyway, yesterday, we had the chance to meet up with Dato' Ustazah Siti Nor Bahyah bt Mahamood & Ustaz Wan Akashah Bin Wan Abdul Hamid. alhamdulillah :) although we had to wait for about 1 hour before they arrived, their energetic lecture covers it all... the restless feeling waiting. :) and they portrayed a loving married couple, even after 26 years of marriage! alhamdulillah :) and they have got sense of humor too! session that was supposed to be from 12 - 1.30pm became 1 - 1.45pm :( and there wasn't enough time for q&a session.

we stopped for zohor prayers jemaah and knowing me, i was too shy to take pictures... especially with the famous individual(s) :p hehehe now who loses? aku jugak.... :P padan muka aku... anyway, these are the pictures that was taken from the internet and also from dato's facebook page. :)

i read some comments on facebook that it doesn't look that many attended the session. if only all bosses understands and released their staff, it could be full and maybe there won't be enough seats! unfortunately, some staff cannot leave their workstation.
1st August 2012 @ MAX, KL Sentral
1.00pm - 1.45pm
Keluarga Syurgawi
~ photo credit, dato's fb page, taken by ustaz wan akashah :)

can you see me? :P

attending lecture like these gives me the opportunity to be in hijab :) me, loving it... 
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