Friday, August 10, 2012

half way conversation...

i am not sure if i have talked about this before. some people say i like to repeat ... but then again, this is my blog, so sukaati la kan? 

i was in bangsar just now - doing my beauty maintenance and somehow she asked me about my history... hmmm.. i don't usually tell people about my history - especially about my divorce. why? because i choose not to. anyway, we were talking about relationship as well. so, since i did not want to tell her the detail - i shared some in general.
  • i learned to be strong, not because i was really that strong. i had to be strong for my kids. they never see me cry. i have to make sure of that. 
  • i read a lot so that i know how to handle the situation.
  • i don't lie to my kids.
  • not many people knows in the office - not even my lunch buddies at that time. i had like 12 of us in a group and i think only 1 or 2 of them knows.
....ermmm... sorry... i don't think i want to continue writing about this...
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