meet you at Corus Hotel: 11th July 2012

if you noticed my new signature below.... cute? hehe :D as cute as the money you can earn. i have been looking around where i can put the cash that i have where i can get more return.. without doing anything.. [except going to the bank to cash out my earning], so anyway, this is what i am sharing with you. with minimum usd1000, you will earn 1.5% daily.

want to know more? below is the meeting info:

11th July, 2012 (Wednesday)
Level 2, Corus Hotel, 
Jalan Ampang, Kuala Lumpur

note: i started with usd3000 and after a month, i am already earning usd6495.44
that is if you want to start your retirement plan :) if you still want to enjoy your money... up to you lah...
calculating with earning usd200 on daily basis... for my savings and extra for kids... why not, huh? ;)

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