Wednesday, July 18, 2012

8 quick steps to control your anger

i have been an angry person.... years before... and i get upset easily.. i was a hot tempered person.. when i was upset, i tend to shout, raise my voice... etc.. but that was then... somehow after many2 years in this profession, i have become better in controlling my anger. but anyhow, lately, it kinda burst out of my system. i am not proud of it, hence i am revisiting the following anger management tips which i got from

let's recall how i got upset lately:
  • an ungrateful customer who thinks that he is always right. okay, i accept our mistake... i don't mind accepting it as my mistake but if you think you can do it better, do it!! yeup... that was how i felt at that time... honestly if you ask me, i just feel like telling him off and just don't join our future event since we do not organize it as how you want it to be. everyone queued... so, what makes you think you are a VIP? excuse me??!! so, my mistake was to some sort of bursting it out to someone with the intention to release steam, but thinking about it again ~ i should not have done that. what makes me proud tho, during that incident, i can still smile at him! 
  • when task was given and it was not done as expected. knowing the fact that proper calculation has been done. 
One of the biggest obstacles to personal and career success is anger. When we fail to control our anger. Anger impedes our ability to be happy, because anger and happiness are incompatible. It sends marriages and other family relationships off-course. It reduces our social skills, compromising other relationships, too. Due to it you lose business that you could have won in a more gracious mood. It leads to increased stress (ironic, since stress often increases anger).
We make mistakes when we are angry, because anger makes it harder to process information.
People are beginning to wake up to the dangers of anger and the need for anger management skills and strategies. Many people find anger easy to control. Everybody gets angry but they can control it. But some people find anger easier to manage than others. More people need to develop anger management skills.
Anger management tip # 1: If the situation is uncontrolled then accept it gracefully. Be flexible and and try to find out positive aspects from the same. For example if you are stuck in traffic then listen to your favorite music and try to control your temper.
Anger management tip # 2: Calm down and refocus. Take a deep breath and count to ten. If you're still angry, count further or count backwards from 10 to one.
Anger management tip # 3: Give yourself a break. It's easier to think when you're calm than when you're agitated. Leave the room, take a walk, 'Have a glass of water'. Then come back to the problem, examine it, and solve it.
Anger management tip # 4: Listen. This means hearing the other person out, asking questions around their feelings and their reasons for their action.
Anger management tip # 5: Forgive. This means acknowledging the wrong in someone else's behavior or words and then letting go of bitterness and resentment associated with that wrong.
Anger management tip # 6: Don't react, give response. Think before acting upon any incident or reacting on anyone. This pause will lead you think with your pituitary gland. Then the response will prevent you from any kind of chaos.
Anger management tip # 7: Don’t be a perfectionist in each and every situation. It is good to try and achieve 100% of your planned schedule but if sometime due to uncertain situations you are not able to achieve the same. Then you should control your emotions.
Anger management tip # 8: Meditate and sleep well. Meditation always helps us to focus in and hence the anger can be controlled.
Finally, it can be concluded that everyone (even you) gets angry. But we should know about the situation when we were angry. Anger management will help us to successfully resolve the problem in a positive way.
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