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weekend is..almost over..

by - June 09, 2012

okay... blogging with my tab can be annoying :p sometimes certain emoticons are not working.. well ahh anyway i am doing things to buy time orang kata. joey is getting so sleepy... kesian dia... we booked the last flight so that we don't rush... so kena la bersabar sikit... hmmm still looked like there are many people travelling late night... kesian joey... dah terbaring kat kerusi :) lisa still maintains with her story book. there will be more to talk about when i have other time to blog with my lappy... best wikit nak bercerita. about the taxi drivers in penang... about one cafe that i often visit when i come to penang.. hmmm ada lah a few stories... and our nice junior suite room at berjaya penang hotel.. 

joey is too sleepy

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