Wednesday, June 27, 2012

my love for diving :*

my heart is crying... to blog... :P so wanna... coz there are lots of things to share .... there are bits and pieces here and there. still about diving.. heee :D yeup... it has been 2 days since i got back... but the memories seemed to be strong... the 7 dives that i made during the trip seemed to be too short. observing people is one of my favorite activity... owhh... before i forget, WN likes to write about his observation about things that is happening around him... and some day i will put his observation on my blog and maybe i add up things that relates to me :) permission granted by WN ;) *wink*

these are a few of my own observations that i made during my trip...maybe the recent one or maybe those that i can still remember during my previous trip(s).
1) there are no 'terror' divers... most of the divers who died are the experienced divers because some may get over confident and did not follow the rules of diving. i like it when i heard this from an experienced diver, an instructor, who owns a dive center in mabul.
2) every dive is a learning process.
3) being a diver doesn't mean that you need to be a smoker, or drinks alcohol. (some people might get upset reading this, but hey... this is my own observation and my personal view). perhaps, the statement or thinking that 'women who smokes are cool' are way behind time....not anymore.. those were the 80s? ;) now it is more of moving towards a healthy lifestyle.
4) some divers need to remember that they were once a beginner.... so they should realize not to laugh at the beginners, or only look at them when they see the beginners struggle to carry their tanks. in short.... tak payah la eksen eksen... or sombong :p
5) diving is for fun and not for you to show off. i will let you just think of the definition of showing off :p hehehe :D
6) the best diver (my own definition) is the coolest diver :) who helps others when they need it.
and i also realized that i don't stay up too long anymore... :P by 10pm.. i will get sleepy... should have joined the rest of the participant lepakking... teh tarik-ing, chit chattng.... but somehow, my bed was more interesting... hahaha :D