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Car Wash Business

by - June 16, 2012

I am at the Car Wash right now.. Did you know that once kaiser asked me to open up a car wash biz.. Or was it parking biz? Hehe :D forgot lah.. Too many ideas already..

Anyway, I just calculated right now... These guys took like 10 mins to wash a car and vacuum. Okay la, we take round figure but it may be a bit longer.. Think about this...

Rm10/car and this place can accommodate like 3 cars at one go..

RM30 in 10 minutes x 60 mins? = rm180/hour
Say 12 hours a day x rm180 = rm2160
Say 30 days x rm2160 = rm64800

Wah!! Is my calculation right? What's the operation cost? Utilities, manpower, equipment (1 time), rent of space..

Wowieee...!! Can I open a car wash biz?? :o :) sounds good ehh ;)

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